15 June 2007

Style Dilemma: Casual Chic in 111-degree Heat

Kim wrote:
Hi DC,

I have a question - casually cute is the look I am going for tonight, as H and I are hitting up some galleries downtown, a studio party, and then a late dinner at a house turned restaurant. Problem - the heat. It will be 111 degrees here today, and at least 100 this evening. Also, there may be some significant walking involved. Any thoughts? Help!


Oh dear. You're clearly in a different weather pattern than we are here in DC. I would bet there are a few folks wishing they had their heaters back tonight - and it's only in the 60s!

But on to your question - I hope I'm not too late to help out tonight - thank goodness for a time difference!

My first thought: a breezy babydoll or mod mini (yes, I'm in a rut here - try the patterned Misile at unsungdesigners.com or Target's sweet green version) dress with non-flip-floppy flats or low heels (holding the shoes on all night when you're walking is just not fun). Think goddess sandals.

If baring your legs and having them stick to the seats all night, even in air conditioned restaurants is not your idea of fun, then go for wide-legged linen pants - try navy or white, like Banana's Ryan. Channel Kate H. with a fitted menswear oxford in the lightest material you can find. You'll be happy going in and out of the heat and chill.

Don't forget a wrap or mini jacket of some kind (wrap if you go Kate, mini jacket if you do the dress) - AC can wreck havoc on a girl's style - blue lips and shivering are just not attractive.

Let us know what you end up with - we can then copy you when it's our turn later this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

excellent suggestions, and I will be using them in the future! Unfortunately, our night was cut short by Africanized Bees in the sun porch... another lovely little feature of living in AZ - heat and critters!

thanks again,