14 June 2007

Mod Mini and M

Well, the consensus from the Infintessimal Readership is in: Flaunt the Baby, baby! (OK, so it was all of 4 people, but still - you were all rather emphatic.)

And that just happens to adhere to my M clothes philosophy: Bumps are gorgeous. Such a cool phenomenon, and so lovely. Adds curves in the darnedest places, of course, but I find myself relishing those curves. So I celebrate, and find I'm happiest and feel the best in fitted clothes. I'm least happy putting on duds that don't fit to my body and fall flat. They're suitable, appropriate, and even cute, but just don't do it for me.

This morning was a bit of a bummer. Up super early (which I normally love, I'm one of those bizarre morning people, when H, the night owl, doesn't keep me up) to get in and work a project that's hit a couple of snags (darned sense of responsibility). I shower, wash my hair (that I'd hoped was going to get washed and cut yesterday, but I had to reschedule Jae because of this project), paint a little color on my pallid countenance, and go to get dressed.

Can't find my favorite black H&M baby doll top. Can't find my black bra. Can't find my black Tummy Sleeve, so I at least can wear a different pair of pants than my one pair of M khakis that keep stretching just too much and subsequently slip down all the time annoyingly. Who knows where I logically, I'm sure, put them.

Go to the closet. All I see are the aforementioned cute, but appropriate, tops. Ugh. Not what I want to wear. My eyes slide to the left.


There's that mod minidress I picked up at the Atlantic City H&M. It's stretchy. It's tunic-y. Maybe.

I try it on.


Score! New M top.

It's not the ideal pairing with a pair of khakis (would prefer it with opaque tights or skinnier pants, but that's not really in the wardrobe cards at the moment), but it is comfortable and has oodles of style for the miniscule price I paid. Sleeveless black jersey, cream baby patch pockets and placket with big covered buttons and a sweet, Peter-Pan-esque collar. Wish I had a picture to show you. I'll see if a colleague here can snap a digital later...

But in the meantime, I hope you all have a little style to perk up your day - I'm sure lots of folks are groaning as they look out the window on this dreary DC day - oddly enough, it's one of my favorite kinds of days, this barely raining thing - but may style shine through and give you the burst you need. Or, alternately, may you feel strong enough in your - ahem - illness to pick up the phone and leave a coherent message for your boss about the summer cold you've picked up and need to nurse in bed all day.


Miss Scarlet said...

I have been loving today's weather! I'm wearing short sleeves! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi DC,

I have a question - casually cute is the look I am going for tonight, as H and I are hitting up some galleries downtown, a studio party, and then a late dinner at a house turned restaurant. Problem - the heat. It will be 111 degrees here today, and at least 100 this evening. Also, there may be some significant walking involved. Any thoughts?