28 June 2007

In Honor of Liz (1929-2007)

Thank you, Liz, for lots of things...

...for supporting the influx of women into the workplace with clothes that work for you, rather than work you.

...for being a woman in a business not often welcoming of women.

...for being an icon.

...for being what many of us aspire to be, an entrepeneur, a business woman, your own woman.

...for changing the way women - and the world - look at work attire.

...for, as Robin Givhan writes, leaving your "mark on the fashion industry because of [your] respect, admiration and empathy for working women. [You] changed the nature of department stores, cracked the Fortune 500 and successfully took [your] company public in 1981. And [you] never shied away from the notion that celebrating personal style is good for business."

Take a break from work to honor her today by tuning in to the Post's chat, "Remembering Liz Claiborne," at 3pm.

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