04 June 2007

Substitution: DIY on Your Own

Looks like I'm not the only one who is unhappy about missing the marimekko DIY event. Now, I happen to be one who does much better in structured DIY environments (read: schedule, go somewhere, someone helps, then come home) rather than true DIY in my own home. Lord knows how many projects I've discovered in BeanPrep mode (which includes lots and lots of shredding - another story, but oh, so fun!) that are half finished. I still have needlework projects from middle and high school I haven't finished - but refuse to throw away - I'll finish them some day, really.

But I digress.

In the meantime, Morgan (of Pandahead and brightestyoungthings fame) offers us a chance to make our own high fashion. This time around, she shows us how to create a pair of Marc Jacobs studded flats.*

If the results are even half as lovely and funky as the creation she wore to the marimekko opening, it's worth taking a shot. Let's put it this way: the gorgeous blue, bright pink trimmed frock she transformed from a long-sleeved "mumu" (her words) were how I recognized her. We'd never met in person, but the sweet and sassy dress spoke to me the second I saw it. Granted, it took us nearly all night to actually meet (she saw my bump, I saw her dress, there was much mutual admiration).

If anyone tries her project, let us know how it works out. There will definitely be more to come. Maybe it'll inspire the rest of us to pick up the glue gun.

*Pardon my indirect link - unfortunately, unlike me, my computer security doesn't like the brightestyoungthings site.
**Thank you to Abby Greenawalt and DC Style mag online for the pic.


panda head said...

xoxo x1000

DC Celine said...

Any chance you have a full length pic of your dress? I'm so in love with it!

Anonymous said...

that is a gorgeous blue! :)

is it ok to link you dc celine? i love reading your blog!

DC Celine said...

Me - who are you? Your profile isn't available, so doesn't have a link to your blog. Email me at dcceline.blogspot@gmail.com

Ballerina K said...

dc celine, that was me! whoops my roommate had her blogger account logged on still. lol

but i would love to link your blog! 631