05 June 2007

Mmmmm... M Mojitos

Q: How does one make a mojito for a Girl with a Bump (other than asking The Liquid Muse for one of her PreggatinisTM?)? It's not as if you can sub sugar water for the rum. Take that out, and all you have is lime juice and mint leaves.

A: Give her Orbit Mint Mojito gum. Apparently, I'm way behind the times, as gourmet sites have been dishing on this stuff for a while now. I discovered it through a scantily-clad Marketing Girl out in Georgetown Saturday night. Yummy. For gum, it's a pretty sohpisticated taste. I tend towards classic gum flavors, even retro, like clove or Black Jack, so something like this is a stretch for me. And I swear they snuck in a little bit of rum, just to make me feel better. Now, to find it in the stores...I can walk around the office humming Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portundo...and tomorrow I'll throw on something breezy and white...

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

OMG the first time I had this gum I kept yelling, "I CAN TASTE THE MINT!!!!" hahahah SO good.