06 June 2007

Style Dilemma Solved: Brown Pumps and Black Wedges

When BabySis called in a full-fledged Shoe Panic last week, we came up with two soloutions to her bridal shower and bachelorette party dilemmas.

First, the bachelorette party. What shoes to wear with a white tank and denim mini to make it officially Not Hoochy. She picked the black Amanda wedge sandals recommended to BlueSuit Girl for her Cairo trip.

Secondly, BabySis did go for the brown pumps to pair with her pale silver shorts. Though the pic at right doesn't show them, she wrote, "brown, in this case, was a bold neutral. can't find an exact picture of the shoe - but it's [a classic pump] shape with little cut outs - kind of shoe take on eyelet."

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