06 June 2007

Red Shoes (or How to Make Wedding Style Your Style)

(Admittedly, BabySis is getting a lot of press lately. Can I help it if she has style?)

A bunch of you went through dress selection and M crises for measurements on the 'Maids dress for BabySis' wedding. Wanted to share a little...

I find that one of the toughest thing for brides I know is how to personalize not just their wedding, but their look. Whether it's the color of the dress, an heirloom piece, or carrying grandmom's prayer book, everyone's trying to find a way to say, "Hey! I'm all dressed up in this big dress, but I'm still me!"

So what did BabySis do? She wore Red Shoes.

It was perfect. Beautiful Red Shoes on her tootsies. A Statement, capital "S."

Oh, and here's a final look at the 'Maids and our dress choices. And no, I wasn't purposefully hiding The Bean with two bouquets. The Bean got billing in the program for heaven's sake.

Thanks to one of the coolest photographers ever. Kim and I got to ride in the '37 Plymouth with suicide doors with her (BabySis had arranged for 7 antique and classic cars to transport from church to party; our uncle is a Car Guy). Not only did she not blink an eye when the yours truly surreptitiously changed the bride's plans to make a pit stop for black & white milkshakes at the Thunderbird, she thought it was one of the coolest photo ops she's done in her 15+ years of shooting weddings - photos by Jen Capone


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh wow...that is SO hott. I am totally doing that on my wedding.

prettyinpink said...

I was surprised how many people were shocked by the red shoes! They totally made me happy and they still do! I highly recommend it!