02 July 2007

Flashback on the Silver Screen

As the Girls and I wandered through H&M, we just had to laugh at some of the 80s-inspired pieces. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Some of it, I'm glad is back - the colors and wild abandon are fun and freeing. The blousy, banded tops, welcome. But neon Ts? Not then, not now. Long, off-the-shoulder shirts/dresses? Not then, not now. Headbands like sweatbands.

No. Thank. You.

But bring me a bit of nostalgia, and I'm all over it. So I've determined that The Bean's first movie just very well might be an 80s flick. Someone told me that it's good to take babies to the movies when they're really young because they like the dark and the noise soothes them. We'll see about that, but I'm definitely sneaking in to AFI's festival of All Things 80s at the Silver Theater.

Now...would I be a bad mommy if I note The Bean's First Movie in his/her baby book as Blue Velvet or Say Anything?

AFI Silver Theater
Silver Spring, Maryland

July & August
Showtimes and movie listing available on the theater's site.

(Thanks to After Hours for the tip!)

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natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

My highschool pal and I took her baby (my goddaughter) to Madonna's Truth or Dare for her first movie. (This was in 1991). She was a complete angel throughout and we got to enjoy our idol...

Ironic thing is that now she is 16, her mom would never let her watch that movie!! ha ha ha