03 July 2007

Breaking Through Your Own Style

"I am wearing my new crazy green circles shirt today and I've gotten a ton of compliments! Thanks for making me try it on! I am going to try really hard to not lapse back into my "safe" clothes zone anymore!"

31204ever gushed to Sugarplum and me this morning.

It's a hard thing, to break out of your own style. By her own description, 31204ever was on the hunt on Saturday for "non-boring" tops. She felt like she has plenty of black, and really wanted to break free of what she's been wearing - while still staying true to her own comfort level (we all know that if you buy clothing to "break out of a rut," but aren't comfortable in it, no matter how cool you think it is, you just won't wear it) and work-appropriateness. She's a designer for a large news organization, and has some freedom, but still needs to stay in some lines.

So we scoured the H&M racks for patterns, colors and silouhettes that she'd wear. We felt a little "3 Bears" for a while (too long, too short, just right), but we managed to pull 4-5 pieces she was willing to try. Even a charcoal blouse with anime skulls (my personal favorite) to pair with military-green bermuda shorts (risky shape).

Turns out that outfit would've been a hit, if the fit was better. Sometimes, clothing just isn't cut for you (and a lot of times, I'm not sure who H&M cuts for, as my left boob won't fit in half the things I try on). We figured out that the bermuda shape is great for her.

In the end, she wavered about one top in particular. It's a lovely green patterned piece, with cocentric circles all over the flattering empire shape (reminscent of a marimekko print like the one at right). "It might be too crazy," she kept worrying. But we loved it on her - flattering, great colors, and pushed the 31204ever envelope just enough.

As you can see, she's thrilled with the results. It's so hard to break out, but she did it. I love it when people (especially ones I care about) feel good - and she clearly does - she deserves a Day O' Compliments.

Can't wait to see what she dons for M & Sugarplum's BBQ Saturday.


panda head said...

great post - sometimes shopping can be HARD when you're trying to break out of your norm.

also, i'm really writing because i had some orbitz mojito mint gum last night and thought of you. DELICIOUS.

Celeste said...

Great blog! Just started reading. Sounds like you are preggo? Congratulations. I'm a mommy too!