06 July 2007

To Bang or Not To Bang?

(Get your minds out of the gutters.)

I finally made it to see Jae on Tuesday. Much needed, particularly after a late night and early morning (I will pull myself away from work, I will pull myself away from work...100 times on the blackboard). Somehow, every time I go to see her now, I'm exhausted. Nearly fall asleep during the shampoo exhausted.

I've known her so long (longer than H - nearly a decade), I trust her implicitly. Unless I want to do something drastic (like my big foray into bangs), I don't have to say a word - she just cuts the right cut for me. Last time I was there, we sorta talked about growing out the bangs - with impending Mommydom, maybe it'd be easier.

Then, at the marimekko opening, I talked with Sandy (a Proctor & Gamble/Graham Webb rep and hair guru) for quite a while about all sorts of things...including my bang decision. We decided I should keep them. Why give them up? I'm me, not Just a Mom. So what if it takes a few minutes to blow dry them? I'm sure I can manage - or, if not, headbands are lovely (especially $3 ones from H&M).

There. Is. No. Reason. For. Mom. Hair.

I know you agree - as does Post Mom-extraordinaire Jill Hudson Neal. Now, I happen to disagree with her - Katie Holmes Cruise' new 'do is chic and slick - and does suit her (though I'm not sure that she's not trying too hard to be Victoria). But the point is, stay who you are - hair and all.


Celeste DeWitt Crutchfield said...

That's what I say! Don't lose your sense of self when you become a mom...a lot of my friends have.


dcmom said...

I too agree regarding Katie's hair - it is really cute, but like you say, a bit Victoria looking!