09 July 2007

The Littlest Things

I'm ready.

Forget the crib, Bean clothes, or diapers. Those'll get taken care of...eventually.*

My toes have been professionally painted. Thank you, Lucia at Red Door.

Now I can go into labor.

Funny how we all have little things we need. This was mine. That and shaving my legs (with which H had to help, given that I can't see over my belly). 'Cause you know the docs and nurses all sit around between contractions tallying up who looks the best in labor.

*Actually, H was a total star this weekend and humored me by not only packing his bag for the hospital but also putting up the crib and helping me wash Bean clothes.

PS - anyone else having problems entering subject lines in their posts today?


31204ever said...

You for sure are gonna be the hottest momma in labor & delivery! I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet Baby Bean! Stay calm, push hard, and, as N always used to remind us, "don't forget to breathe."

panda head said...

yes! i went on the message board and was embarassed to see that the answer is to just move the cursor up a quarter of an inch. it's like playing operation, trying to find the right spot to click.
stupid blogger.
and congratulations and good luck on the upcoming event! you will surely be the chic-est thang in that delivery room. though if the bean is a girl-bean you may very soon have a run for your money...

Miss Scarlet said...

It seriously seems like just yesterday you told us you were preggers. I can't believe it's almost time!