09 July 2007

Style Dilemma: What Not to Miss in DC

Vivien wrote in, asking for tips on what not to miss in her upcoming 3 weeks in D.C. She's a saavy shopper, and wanted to know what 'hoods she should hit...and the best way to get there. From Vancouver, British Columbia, she's got some of the same stores, but...

Because she's going to be close to Georgetown proper, I'm sending her to our indie places like Sassanova, Wink, and Urban Chic. She also can't miss Barney's CoOp, H&M, and Intermix. I've practically made her promise to do Kafé Leopold, and recommended Hook, Rocklands, and DolceZZa.

Getting to and from Georgetown, sans Metro, feels really far to a non-Washingtonian, but I've assured her that, if the weather cooperates, it's a lovely walk from Foggy Bottom with lots of places to stop and "freshen up" along the way (Mie N Yu springs to mind, of course). Or, should she be laden with packages (or it's just too darn hot, or storming, like it has been lately), taxis are plentiful and not terribly expensive.

She shouldn't miss the U Street corridor, either, or islands in the downtown corporate stream, Alex and Apres Peau.

What else shouldn't Vivien miss in her time here? Help a girl out?


Anonymous said...

I would also suggest the following:

Annie Creamcheese

Anonymous said...

If she wants to go shopping in Georgetown, the DCCirculator is a great way to get around. It also does a loop around the Smithsonians.

A real treat is to have drinks (not dinner)on the roof of the Washington Hotel. Best view of the White House balcony you'll ever get.