10 July 2007

More on Style Dilemma: What Not to Miss

DC Scout (the Post's style email) reports that Carbon is throwing a summer sale 11-18 July.

Do you think a pair of Frye boots are a good "Thank you for giving birth" present?


Anonymous said...

My Frye boots are the most comfortable thing I have ever set my foot in. I would wear them in the summer but I sweat like a beer bottle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, am catching up a wee bit, just wanted to agree that 'Mom' hair is NOT a requirement for giving birth and bringing up the bean!!! Lordy.

Any boots, any present, any price, anything, would be a suitable 'you were fab and gave birth' type pressies, and why not treat yourself to a 'i've carried the bump around with me for nearly ten months' pressie too!!!