27 October 2007

Off Topic: Humbling Joys

Babsie D writes how humbling it can be to have something you're good at go not quite so well. As I was reading her post, The Bean was gurgling and cooing in the background. Playing by herself in her crib, putting foot in mouth in sheer innocence (we'll teach her later about what it means to put your foot in your mouth figuratively).

There's nothing more humbling and joyful at the same time as your baby's sounds.

I listened for a while, then, as the coos turned to "I've had enough, come pay attention to me" squawks, went over to her crib.

A big huge smile spread across her face as I leaned in and gave her a big kiss. Then she squealed in delight as I raspberried her bare little feet, wet from slobber.

She laughed.

And there's nothing more wonderful than that.

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