24 October 2007

Shop in Style: Events Galore IV - Clean up for that Big Event at Alanya Spa

What: Deals to get ready for those holiday special events - blowouts, manis, pedis...
When: 17 October - 25 December
Where: Alanya Spa, right across from Pizza Paradiso
Why: Deals, and turkish coffee (a personal favorite)

A member of the Infintessimal Readership reports that Cevat, Alanya's owner, and his wife have created a little oasis in the hubbub of Georgetown (I'm picturing stopping in between frantic pushes down the holiday-package laden sidewalk in December). Cevat's a veteran of Tara and Toka, and opened up his own place two years ago. Their hospitality is renowned - warm, welcoming, and a cuppa in hand.

Blow Dry - $25 (normally $45-75)
Haircut - $50 (regular price $80)
Men’s Haircut 30 (regular price $45)
Pedicure- $30 (regular $40)
Manicure- $15 (regular $20)
Eyebrow Wax - $15 (regular $20)

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