30 October 2007

Style Dilemma: November Shoes

Chicago Golden Girl writes:

We have a wedding here this weekend. 6:00 Saturday night. I have a bcbg sateen cotton, deep halter with a bubble skirt dress. It’s a medium golden brown/tan. I wore it too one wedding with gold sandles. What shoes should I wear in November? Are retro satin cream peep toe pumps too heavy? New shoes are an option…. Suggestions?

Dear Golden Girl:

First thing to consider, other than the time of day - the venue. If it's a fancy-schmancy place, you could absolutely wear gold sandals, even in November. And while I'm a fan of sateen pumps, especially ones with a retro feel, I think that, unless they're a really soft ivory cream, yup, they might weigh down the dress, rather than grounding it.

If you are up for buying new shoes (and who isn't?), my suggestion would be to go for a splash of unexpected color. Treat the dress as a neutral (somewhere a long time ago I wrote about brown as a true neutral, rather than a color), and find a pair of airy, delicate pumps or sandals in any color you like - yellow, red, royal blue, and yes, even green (I think that's my front runner suggestion). If only Valentino had had the foresight to make these lovelies in green instead of predictable red...riiiiiiight...as if I'd have the money...a girl can dream, can't she?

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