07 October 2007

World's Greatest Concentration of Chinos

The Bean and I are taking a weekend jaunt to the Annapolis area (Grandpop and Granny live out this way). So we took an afternoon trip into downtown Annapolis.

I have never, ever, ever seen a greater concentration of chinos, madras, and preppy animal pants than at the Annapolis sailbot show (I'm sure it has some big official name, but I wasn't paying attention).

I suppose it's the appropriate thing to wear when on a sailboat. Especially a really, big, gorgeously outfitted one with fine wood trim and navy accents (a girl can dream, can't she?).
But seriously. Do we all have to wear the exact. same. thing?

I suppose it wears well with the wind- and sunburned faces, too.

But really.

Pick something else. Aren't sailors supposed to wear white? Nary a white linen or cotton trouser was to be seen. Just khaki, chinos, preppy animals, and madras. And more polo shirts than you can shake a stick at.

And this with all of the little hidden boutiques in Annapolis. C'mon ladies. If you're not actually sailing the boat, wear something else!
*Super preppy pants photos courtesy J. Crew.


Ballerina K said...

lol. thank you indian summer?

Anonymous said...

It gets worse if you live in the suburbs surrounding Annapolis. Any anti-prep shops for someone who lives amisdt the preppydom?

Anonymous said...

I like this style.