05 October 2007

The Bean and the Celeb

The Bean met her first "DC celeb" today. No, not a senator. An eyebrow guru.

This has been my week to clean up - almost literally. Hair, brows, and tomorrow I'm going to tackle my closet (have to see which work clothes still fit the Beanbody). Jae was Tuesday, and Erwin cleaned up the mess that was my brows this afternoon (how he does it so quickly, I'll never know. They were a disaster, since my last visit was about a month before The Bean arrived.)

Erwin and co. cooed appropriately over the new baby. Erwin added on "I can't believe you have a baby. You just got married. It's so wierd." This from a man whose own baby, Chanel, has her puppy toenails painted.

The Bean slept through the entire i-pod soundtracked event. Tells you where we are on her priority list.

Clearly, she's headed on to bigger and better things than I.

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Catherinette Singleton said...

I love Erwin! I drive all the way from Baltimore to have my eyebrows done at this salon.