14 November 2007

1, 2, 3...a huge collective sigh for what cannot be

Dariaux and I conversed yesterday. To bang or not to bang? (Hair, people, hair! She's leaning towards yes.) Sweater dresses? (Me, yes, she, heck no!) H&M? (Both of us - sometimes*)

But the big conversation point came late in the day.

I had just been telling H that I'm excited for wearing heels again. After nearly a year of back problems, then pregnancy, then new-mommydom, I'm finally at work again and can wear whatever height heel I want to. And driving to work, rather than Metroing? That means I can wear driving shoes (adorable Prada-esque Franco Sarto black patent flats), then jump into the height when I hit the office.

New black pumps, I told H.

Then Dariaux emails...

Dariaux: Ooh, saw a sign for these - must have.

DC Celine: oh dear. i was just saying to h that i think i want a new pair of black pumps. since i'm driving, i can wear more heels - and wear driving shoes to & from

Dariaux: Aren't they lovely????

DC Celine: yes, but 275? just can't do it.

Dariaux: Ever bought a pair of CHs?

DC Celine: yup. my pregnancy shoes are ch. WONderful. SO worth the money

Dariaux: :-). Exactly - my last pair of CHs lasted forever and felt like heaven. So 275 isn't that bad - slightly more than $10/month if they last 2 years.

This is why I love her so much. Never mind our insanely similar likes & dislikes - peaty, smoky single malt, discussing religion, classically tailored but funky clothes, same books - she can rationalize a pair of Ferragamos with the best of 'em.

And they are oh, so pretty. And practical, with all that Nike technnology.

But alas, I now have Very Important Priorities. No more ridiculous Purchases Without Thinking (see post mentioning $700 BJ ensemble). Diapers, savings, and college funds.

But Mommy does have to teach The Bean some things. First impressions are very important. So maybe I'll find the next version down...

*More on this one later...sweater dresses, too.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes CH is at DSW. Just a thought!


Miss Scarlet said...

I was really annoyed today with my outfit and part of the problem was my shoes. I stand up all day and walk a lot so I just have to go for comfort. The few times I wore hott shoes, I ended up dying about 5 hours in!

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

I love the $10 per month. What a wonderful rationalization...