13 November 2007

Huzzah! to Mr. Nordstom

I have no idea if there is one (a Mr. Nordstom, that is), but he's brilliant nevertheless.

In our Mall Visit yesterday, we spent a large part of it in Nordstom. The Bean loved Mr. Piano Player, who graciously offered to help her sleep. Didn't work, but nice of him nevertheless.


One pair of slacks each for H and DC Celine (H a gorgeously heathered Italian-made wool, me a well-tailored Kate-inspired brown plaid) later, we packed up the little one and made a beeline for the last errand on our list. On the way we noticed the display windows at Nordstrom.

They announced that Nordstrom stores will not be "decking the Halls" until November 23rd.

I wish I could remember the rest of it, but the essence was that we've gotten too far away from a holiday season (i.e. putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, Halloween even. Ahem - Mazza Galerie?). So they're waiting.

I applaud this immensely. What a lovely marketing decision. I predict they'll get a great response from it, despite our innane attempts to "shop early." I seriously doubt a Christmas tree in the middle of a store helps fuel purchasing by an intent early shopper. For the rest of us, who like to wait until the week before and then enjoy the hustle and bustle and crisp winter air, maybe a tree or two puts us in the mood. But when it's a) still 7o degrees outside and b) we haven't even broken bread over Plymouth Rock, well, then, it's just silly.

So congratulations, Nordstrom, on what I consider to be the best marketing decision a store could make nowadays. You've got my vote.


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh yes. Good for them!!

31204ever said...

Especially since there's the extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Some stores up here had Xmas decor the week before Halloween. Sigh.