11 November 2007

Off to the Mall?

Think H and I are going to take The Bean on her first Mall Trip tomorrow.

I need (though not as desperately as I'd like to think) a few things, like bras and maybe a pair of slacks that aren't saggy (not eating because I've got a baby to tend to aids and abets dramatic weight loss - which is alright in the end because I needed to loose it, but not that way). We'll see what we find.

I'm in the mood to buy dresses, dresses, dresses, but unfortunately, the realities of breastfeeding and pumping (TMI already, I know - sorry) make dresses incredibly impractical for daily wear.

So we'll pile in the Mom-mobile (safety conscious Volvo) and head out to The Mall.

Looking forward to a little suburban time tomorrow. I'll let you know the results.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just so very proud of all of you! Mommy, Baby, and Daddy, of course. Keeping the fashionable family healthy and happy is amazingly hard work.