11 November 2007

Accessible Luxury Makes Me Squirm

Have to say...

I was thrilled when Vanessa O'Connell called me to ask about "accessible luxury" and my buying habits. Like way back when, I felt oh, so important. (O'Connell had interviewed me for an earlier story, but I ended up on the cutting room floor.) The Wall Street Journal. The Big Time.

After reading the article, I'm intrigued to a certain extent (as I was talking with Vanessa the other day) by the concept of accessible luxury. It's something I've certainly observed, but had never named for myself. The silver at Tiffany that Aunt Lorna can buy, the Coach key fob, and even the downscale designer work happening at box stores like Target and Kohl's - intriguing economic phenomenon - or is it a societal happening? I'm not sure I like the idea that everyone can afford a little Tiffany. Loses its luster. Lord knows I've wondered about those women with the Dooney & Burke or Louis Vuitton purses - the ones who really don't look like they can afford them (not that I'm judging books or covers, mind you). Maybe a few of them are theives, spending way beyond their means, and just not looking "finished"*, but most of them are just trying a little too hard.

Then I realized I'm just another one of those people...buying the little things I can at high end stores. Mildly embarassing, somehow.

*A interestingly timed story about two DC government workers embezzeling 1000s of dollars and spending, spending, spending on luxury goods. "Basically unfinished," said one stylist of the aspirational shoppers.


Anonymous said...

Your post makes me think of this book:

DC Celine said...

I've been meaning to read that! It's now on my growing list of fashion/style tomes to read while pumping.

Ballerina K said...

;) i like to think of it as buying investment pieces for the future. plus im a firm believer that you don't have to actually buy clothes worth $$$$$$ to look $$$$$$$$$$$$.

but hey every now and then doesn't hurt! ^_~