15 November 2007

H&M and Sweater Dresses

Both debatably good.

Me? I love a good H&M shop-a-thon. But sometimes, well, sometimes it's just so "on trend" that there's nothing in the store worth even trying on, let alone buying. Clearly, if the trends are not what the average woman would want to buy or wear, then there's less. This summer, there were tons of adorable things - just not fit (literally) for a 9-months-pregant woman. The trends just didn't allow for a bump. But they did look great on Sugarplum and 31204ever.

Dariaux, who makes her home in Atlanta, took advantage of a biztrip to Chicago and stopped in their H&M. She, on the other hand, was not happy with what she found. We discussed the merits of the Swedish store and the trends therein...

DC Celine: it's almost like going to a steinmart or loehmans - you have to go frequently

Dariaux: you are so right.

DC Celine: also depends on the trends - if they're good ones, you can do well. ifnot, then ICK.

Dariaux: oh, this was definitely the ICK trends. The baby doll dresses, sweaterdresses (ye gods) and sometruly hideous colors. Blech.

DC Celine: i'm in love w/ sweater dresses. loved them in the early nineties, love them now (depending on shape, obviously). had two on yesterday that were great - though part might be my newly rediscovered figure.

Dariaux: this is where we differ. i've hated them since the 1970's. i think they are unflattering on most and tend to bag in the bottom once one sits for any period of time.

DC Celine: point taken. i was actually going to argue that they can be very forgiving. could be fodder for a philosophical debate. but sagging at bottom: hadn't thought about that. had one a while back, and can'tremember if that was the case.

Dariaux: and thus lies the dilemma with the sweater dress. Yes, they are lovely and yes, they can be quite forgiving and flattering . . . until you sit down. Then it becomes a disaster. I've never had one that didn't sag with time.

DC Celine: i'm just looking for it to be hot for h's 15 year reunion. ;-)

Dariaux: I still think wrap dresses are the hottest. sooo flattering, particularly when one shows some cleavage. And wearing some great pearls.

And with that, we enter an entirely different discussion.

This post shows you a couple of things (not in any particular order):

1) that two people can differ greatly on their opinions of sweater dresses while agreeing on H&M in general

2) that wrap dresses will always be great

3) that two reasonable, grown-up, professional women can spend inordinate amounts of time discussing innane things while maintaining airs of competency and even effectiveness.


browneyz99 said...

Am I the only one who has a hard time with wrap dresses? In order to get them large enough to wrap around my chest without exposing my bra (and more cleavage than I would like) and my hips (classic hourglass figure) they are too big around the shoulders. In addition to wear it to work I need a tank underneath and it lessens the elegance of the lines...frustrating!

DC Celine said...

Nope, you're not the only one. In fact, it took me a long time to find one that worked. Instead of a cami, though, I use a brooch.

browneyz99 said...

what a great idea - a brooch - I never know what to do with the beautiful ones I have inherited from my grandmother or my mother has passed on...I will have to bring one with me shopping and venture back to "wrap dress world".

browneyz99 said...

great idea - a great use for the broochs my granmother and mother have passsed on to me...