18 November 2007

Style Dilemma Solved: Being the Hot Wife at a Reunion

H's high school reunion is next Saturday.

Have to look hot for him - it's my wifely duty.

So I've been on the hunt for a dress to wear. We looked a little last weekend - hence the sweater dress post. And since the reunion is next weekend, it was today or never. So in the mom-mobile we piled, off to Nordstrom (I had a gift card to spend!).

The results? About 4 dresses on...2 liked, 1 hot.

M Missoni - amazing knit, obviously, and gorgeous color. Bottom was great, top just not so flattering on milk-producing boobs.
ISSA London wrap dress - not this exact one, but you get the drift. Lovely, but black & white, and, well, (sorry Dariaux), but a wrap dress. Just didn't do it.
Iisli cap sleeve mini - a sweater dress, yes. And absolutely f-ing amazing on. The delicate grey I bought isn't available on the website, but trust me, it's perfect. Hugs just a little more than on this model (heck, anyone has more curves than she does). Hot.
Now I just have to find the right tights and shoes. I'm thinking ruby slippers.


Miss Scarlet said...

Definitely hott! Good job.

DC Celine said...

thank you my dear. thought you'd like, it being a sweater, and all ;-)

panda head said...

ooooooh red shoes would be SO GOOD WITH THAT OMG
love morgan

DC Celine said...

i ended up not being able to buy new shoes, so did maroon/wine tights and gold sandals. it rocked, and i was by far the most stylish...