21 November 2007

Shop in Style: Black Friday and Beyond

It's been yeeeeaaaaars since I, uh, indulged in Black Friday shopping. Can't even remember the last time I braved the crowds. I'm a shop-along-the-way kinda gal. And then I save some things, like Santa's stocking purchases, for the week before Christmas, head to Chevy Chase, and walk around (Rodman's, World Market, Saks) to soak up the atmosphere and crisp wintry air. I love the carols playing and the lights twinkling...just like in Silver Bells (Strings of street lights, Even stop lights, Blink a bright red and green, As the shoppers rush home with their treasures). I have to figure out how I'll manage that this year, as The Bean goes to bed right when I'd normally be shopping...hmmm...

Anywho...for those of you who feel the urge to shop, but want to avoid the box stores on Friday. Make sure you check the Washington Post's Sunday Source for their list, too...

Cusp - new markdowns starting Friday through 2 December
Daisy Too - sparkly stuff is 20% off (what a great promotion)
Hu's Shoes - D.L. & co. candle with purchase
National Jean Co - the sale's already started, and runs through the 25th - 20% off everything, and some stuff up to 50% off
The Purse Store - 30-70% off everything, no code required. Easy as pie.
Sangaree - 30% off the entire collection 23-25 November

And don't forget to hit the online sales - no better way to skirt the crowds at box stores and online boutiques alike!
*Photo courtesy of Ledgen Lighting

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