20 December 2007

Welcome Style Bloggers

In my "vacation," there have been a couple of new (ok, one's not new, but I just found out about her) style bloggers hitting the DC scene. Ms. Spinach of Fashion is Spinach hits a quirky, edgy note, highlighting indie designers and offering deliberately non-trend-oriented (read her take on Elizabeth Hawes to "get it") thoughts on what works - and what she likes. She's been around - literally around the world - for a while, and is now back in DC.

Then there's the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog. Really. She's been around for a while, too - I'm just a little slow on the uptake. True, true, it's a marketing ploy, but I wholeheartedly support one that champions the interesting vintage find - and, oh by the way, helps people, too. Who doesn't love a site that tells you how & when to score a Bob Mackie original?

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ms. spinach said...

hey, thanks! happy to be here.