03 January 2008

Style Challenge Met - Thanks, Mommy!

My time, style, and stress-based challenge of What to Wear to The Bean's Baptism was met.

Thanks, Mommy.

My mom's been a huge help since The Bean arrived. Cleaning, sorting, cleaning, sorting, and buying - like grandmas are wont to do. Most of it's for The Bean (she just can't resist a beautifully illustrated picture book - or The Bean's First Christmas Dress, for that matter), but occasionally, she'll surprise H or me with a gift.

This time, she played personal shopper.

I gave her my thoughts and size, and she went shopping for me. (Bless my stepdad's heart, he waited while she shopped.) So The Bean finally slept on Friday night, and I ventured out to the living room. Fingers crossed, I tried on the suit she'd bought me.


Perfect harmony of Jackie O, Audrey, and Kate. Oh yeah, and a little bit of me.

A sweet little barely swing coat with bracelet sleeves and big silver buttons, and a jaquard a-line skirt, all in navy and cream (all Ann Taylor). Paired with my Chie Mihara pumps, apparently, I was a Hot Mama, says H.

The Bean couldn't have asked for a better dressed mommy on her baptism day. There was no way I could outshine her, of course, in her custom ordered baptismal ensemble from Italy by way of her Greek godmother. "Royal equestrian," Mommy said. "All she needs now is a pony," she told H.

H blanched.

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momgmom said...

You are welcome...it's rare that the fashion gods all work at once for a mom to get the daughter's size, color, style and desired effect all right all at the same time for the perfect purpose...in this case, the daughter's daughter's baptism. How cool is that!?