28 February 2008

Inspriation Strikes in the Strangest Places

Like in the car on the way to work. Already dressed for the day by at least an hour, BK breakfast inhaled, and Steve Zabin & co on the radio (I'm possibly the only woman who religiously listens to SportsTalk 980 on her drive to work - but they're the best radio, by leaps and bounds, in the Washington market), it hits.

I could be wearing ankle boots, aka the Ubiquitous Bootie, with this outfit. And it might even be cute.

By way of explanation, I hated ankle boots in the 80s and early 90s. And I hate(d) them when they popped back on the scene in the last few seasons. I just didn't see how they were flattering to anyone - especially paired with skirts, as they were shown. The only exception to that ankle boot ban in my book was old-fashioned lace-ups. I have a soft spot for period ensembles that could be worn by the beloved redheaded heroine, Anne of Green Gables (before it went all commercial, of course).

But somehow, yesterday morning, clad in my tried and true black merino cowlneck sweater, grey pinstriped pencil skirt, deep red tights, and (ridiculously) boring black pumps, I got a flash of booties. A little fold over, a little heel...they absolutely would've worked. I scared myself, I nearly jumped.

I stopped to consider - am I just sleep deprived (The Bean has decided middle of the night is a good time to get up again)? And where the heck did that thought come from? I have no idea - booties are not something on my radar.

Or weren't.

So maybe, just maybe, I'll forgo spending $138 on the Carmen (top; although, if I'm gonna channel the 80s, I might as well go whole hog and add in the legwarmer reference, too) or $139 on the Tyler, and just hit the Target clearance shop for Isaac's black patent version for $25.89 + SH. After all, if it's already on the clearance aisle at Target, well, then, it probably won't be around for long.
*Photos courtesy of DC-shoe-havens Carbon & Wild Women Wear Red, and, of course, Target.

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