26 February 2008

Shop in Style: Get Your Men's Style Here

Men out there seem to want style advice, too. After M's question, I got quite the response from the male contingent of the Infintessimal Readership. So here's a tip to start you down the road to building a solid, flextible wardrobe. If you want to find that well-cut suit on which you can base your professional ensembles, try Filene's Men's Suit Sale. Like I recommended to M, go for a basic color with a little bit of pattern (for color flexibility). Remember, almost anything can work as a neutral these days - you just have to be creative.

And don't forget to hit the tailor afterwards. The suit needing no alterations whatsoever is very rare.

What: Filene's Men's Suit Event
When: Starting 3 March - hit your local store ASAP to scope it out and even place advance orders.
Why: Because everyone should be well dressed. And with a little time and patience, Filene's can yield quite the haul. H has scored his last two suits from their racks, including his Joseph Aboud wedding suit (in which he looked remarkably dashing).
Where: Filene's in your neighborhood - with a few exceptions (noted in their spot below)

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