14 February 2008

Listen to Your Grandmother

or your Girl Scout troop leader, or high school guidance counselor, or career counselor, or your [gasp!] mother.

They're all right.

First impressions really do count.

In honor of 500 DC Celine posts (I feel so established*), I want to share what prettyinpink shared with me this morning. It's really the bottom line of DC Celine - with snazzy details taking it to another funky level.

prettyinpink writes: a girl came in to interview. i was given the opportunity to interview her as we would be working together. granted it was a second interview and i recognize that not everyone wears make up and whatnot, however, she showed up in a bulky, red turtleneck sweater, absolutely covered with pills. Paired with a tulip skirt that was too long, opaque black stockings and chunky shoes it was just unacceptable. no, blazer, no little coat, no finishing. she just looked disheveled. In my position [marketing manager for a large corporation], how can i expect people to be able to pull together a complete look and brand if they can't even put on a nice, unpilly sweater?

I found myself struggling to get past how she presented herself, even though her credentials were fairly strong.

so i ask you to continue your work to aid the less then fashion forward. it's a lesson in first impressions. everyone tells you how important it is however, you don't realize it fully until you're forced to try and look past it.

that's my public service announcement for the day.

prettyinpink, thanks.

And consider your PSA posted.

It's true, dear Infintessimal Readership. I know I'm preaching to the choir (chances are, if you're bothering to read a style blog, you're probably on the proverbial bandwagon already), but please, please, please think about things when you put them on. If there's any doubt in your mind, ask a friend, family member, or barring all else, a nice stranger on the street. We're bombarded with style shows nowadays - everyone and their mother's brother can probably tell you that well-fitted, simple clothes - appropriately chosen (i.e. wear a suit - or at least a blazer - to an interview) will get you farther than you think.

I'll throw this one out to the IR - I have my own thoughts as to what our interviewee could have changed - not terribly much, honestly - in her ensemble to not end up the subject of a Style Dilemma...

What would you do?

*ok, so I'm a little late on the blogging scene, but they've been a wonderful 500 posts - Happy Birthday to me!

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Ballerina K said...

mmm I think image matters because it shows a part of your character. its not necessary to dress trendy but looking presentable and not dishelved should be a part of interview 101!!!!