09 February 2008

Dearest DC Celine,

HELP! I just got two great new finds, but I need some shoe help!!! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I bought Max Studio Sweater Dress in Aubergine (see photo-- btw, it looks great on, but not so great in the photo) and another Juicy Couture knit dress in Heather Grey (see photo, but heather grey, not black). What are your thoughts on shoes--style, color, tights, fishnets, etc.? You know...more on the funky side, but also wearable to work in the big corporate environment. I hope you have some ideas, because I'm having a hard time with the whole "look".

Patiently awaiting your advice,

Dear BlueSuitGirl:

What a terrible dilemma for you - two pretty new dresses.


So now what to do? Difficult question. Especially for work.

My first thought? MaryJanes. But if you're not careful, and get a pair that's too sweet, you'll look too young for the office. Try this Sciapo pair at Carbon. You could also do the open toed version with tights. For that matter, all shoe choices I'd pair with tights for these dresses.

Second thought? Flat boots. Maybe a little slouchy, if you're going to wear somewhere other than the office. For the office, pick straight. Something along the lines of the Sammi at AdMo cornerstone, Wild Women Wear Red.

You could go with flats, as pictured with the Juicy frock, but again, I think it's a little too sweet. But you could throw on a pair to wear with the dress when you take it out for a spin at the shoe store. In other words, wear the dress to go shopping.

And then pick out at least one pair...maybe more! (And report in, of course.)

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