05 February 2008

Stylishly Smooth

Product reviews aren't this blogger's usual fare...but I just have to share.

First, I'm a strong proponent of bare legs, no matter what the season. Exceptions: Good application of tights (patterns and colors encouraged) and slacks. Both are to be used in inclement and freezing weather. Otherwise, I'd better not catch you in - gasp - pantyhose!

Second, it's imperative legs be smooth and shaven. (I'll admit, being fair and having little time for the little things in life, the latter can get a little iffy sometimes.) But smooth, not flaky and dry, is a must.

The problem is, especially in the winter, most lotions work about as long as an ice cube on a Miami beach.

Until now.

I've found the ultimate.

Thank you, Miss Bean.

My little one has inherited my fair skin, and she needs daily lotions (she gets a massage every night before her PJs - tough life, right?). So when we finally ran out of the stuff people gave us in the 300 showers and gift packages, I hit CVS to stock up. And bought Johnson & Johson Baby Oil Gel - Lavendar (supposedly clinically proven to help baby sleep - I'll take what hope I can get).

Yesterday morning, I grabbed it in lieu of my own lotion - just to see.

At the end of the day, my legs were as silky smooth as when I started out. The gel is non-sloppy, non-goopy, and non-oily. The scent is light, not sweet (I hate sweet perfumes), and not in the least overwhelming. It's absolutely amazing, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to go to the baby care aisle on your next trip to the drugstore.


Miss Scarlet said...

I like how my shoes feel when I wear tights, though. When it's warm out, all I want to wear are flip flops (I know, I know.) I have such a love-hate relationship with shoes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it offends you so but I will continue to wear pantyhose. I am confident the general public (especialy at work) would rather see pantyhose than my bare legs