27 March 2008

Rumor Mill: C-Mart Closing "DC" Doors for Good

Yup, you heard it correctly.

After probably only a year, the C-Mart powers that be have decided to close the "DC" doors in Landover in order to "go 'E'" - as in e-commerce. In a lengthy email (I always wonder why they write such diatribes rather than just giving us the deal details), C-Mart explains that they've upgraded, acquired, and now are going online.

Which is lovely and all, but it means they're closing the local outpost.

Which isn't so terrible at all, given:

a) they're doing a Super Sale tomorrow to liquidate - 50% more off whatever the last price is on an item. Only tomorrow - they even suggest playing hooky (which, of course, I would never condone).

b) once they do go online in a month, 4/28, shipping will be completely free.

We'll just have to see how it all works out.

If anyone manages to make it through the crowds, report in on your finds!

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