27 March 2008

Excessive Spending by Way of Absolutely Adorable

My email was just chock full of gems this morning.

I must have signed up for Barney's email at some point - don't remember doing it, but good for me.

They sent an invite to the launch for Phillip Lim's new children's line - juice and cookies provided - at the New York flagship.

Normally, I'm one to dress The Bean in old skool children's clothes - smocked dresses, hand knit sweaters, overalls, and sailor suits (MotorCityGirl and I regularly lament the fact that it's increasingly difficult to find children's clothes that aren't "mini mes" of adult clothing.) However, other than the ridiculous idea of spending $115 on a skirt for a little girl who will wear it once then grow out of it, I'm absolutley smitten with Kid by Phillip Lim. Lim's signature architectural details translate remarkably well to minature (maybe it has to do with the fact that models designers fit are children themselves). My favorites (which means I'd not only dress The Bean in them, but buy them for myself, if they came in "XXXXXXL" for Mommy): a trench skirt and lace up dress.

The kiddie Vans, however? Let's leave them back in the decade from whence they came.

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