09 April 2008

Style Dilemma: ISO Hot Top

Carebear wrote me in search of a top for Friday night (ok, so I'm a little slow on the uptake - eek! sorry!). She's in a friend's wedding ('tis the season), and feels like she wants to wear something a leeeeeetle bit sexy to the rehearsal dinner. The trick? Make it appropriate, as well. Here's what she gave me as her requirements - for no more than $40.

1 - something that is functional (ie can be worn more than once)

2 - something not too expensive

3 - something sexy but not too slutty

4 - not sure about sleeveless but maybe

Dear Carebear:

Hmmm...this is a tough one - part of it depends on what "sexy" means to you - or for whom you want it to be sexy (as we all know, the male/female versions of "sexy" can vary greatly). My thoughts:

A wrap or faux wrap top with a nice deep V-neck could work - waist accentuating and, uh, asset displaying - and depending on how much you want on display, you can pin a sparkly broach at the V or not. At 20 bucks on sale, the NY & Company version at right fits the requirements. Change out the black baubles in the pic for one big brightly colored accessory (a cuff, big beads, a scarf), and you're smokin'.

To do the sweet version of sexy (again, just depends on your perspective), try Isaac's tuxedo-inspired button down. It would be lovely and appropriate, but the cinched waist and button down can definitely be sexy. You'd have to be careful to not head to the dowdy end, but sexy shoes would be your friend here - show some red tootsies or a stiletto and pointy toe, and it should work.

And going with the trend here, a belted button down - again, paired with the right outspoken accesories - NY & Company's white version brings to mind the "boyfriend shirt" without looking like you've raided his closet. You could even ditch the white belt that comes with it for a colorful scarf or wider belt for a more daring (and waist-cinching) look.
Let us know what you pick and how you style it!


Ashley said...

I like the black v-neck top. Definitely casual and feminine but not too sexy or revealing.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

i want that bottom white shirt.

carebear said...

Thought I would leave an update. I chose the black top from NY&Co and it was PERFECT (thank you DC Celine). For the bachelorette party this weekend, I wore it with jeans and cute black open-toe slide/sandals. Unfortunately, we did a scavenger hunt in Philly so by the end of that, the shoes KILLED my feet so much so that I had to get flip flops and actually bruised my feet from the shoes - teach me to sacrifice comfort for fashion!