10 April 2008

Shop in Style: On the Row...

...Bethesda Row.

This one might just warrant a little covert operation of me having a - ahem - doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Normally, I'm such a concientious employee, but a girl's gotta have a wardrobe, and mine is piddly squat right now.

What: Bethesda Row Preview Trunk Show & Sale - Ginger Boutique, Urban Chic, Tickled Pink, and Lucy - the perfect excuse to check out the Row's redevelopment (make sure you check the link for all the fab new stores arriving soon!)

Where: 4836 Bethesda Avenue

When: Wednesday, 16 April, 12-8pm

Why: ummmmm...let's see...SALE? Maybe a reversible Kristin Kahle belt from Ginger, a pair of London Sole shoes from Urban Chic, a perky resort piece from Tickled Pink, and, so you can fit into it all and show off those newly toned arms, new workout gear from Lucy. And if you're there at happy hour, mmmm, Lebanese Taverna.


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

i'd love to see pictures!! too bad i have to work late tonight. Was looking forward to this.

ms. spinach said...

did you make it? i stopped by in the late afternoon and it was going strong. lots of good stuff!