21 April 2008

Style Dilemma: "Style Me," She Says

31204ever has a weeks-old baby boy, and after hanging out extra long with Mommy, he finally arrived (on his on time), and he's now quite vocal, this child. She pleads:

One of these days The Boy is going to stop screaming long enough for us to get to the mall and buy Mommy some new clothes. I haven't bought anything but maternity since last June (except one pair of shoes) and it's about to kill me.

So given that I've got five more months of warm-to-hot weather maternity leave ahead of me, what pieces should I buy that don't scream "I spend all day cleaning up poo and spitup while a little one wails inconsolably in my ear?"

I have a few pairs of capris that I'm hoping I can fit into still, as well as a few pairs of bermuda-length shorts (are those still in at all?). Plus the usual array of t-shirts and tops.

Would like a few tops but mostly focusing on the bottoms. Don't want to spend a ton of money, either. You know where I shop: Ann Taylor Loft, Target, Old Navy, Gap, NY&Co.

Any ideas?

Dear 31204ever:

Yup, absolutely. First thing: get thee to Target. It's one-stop shopping, and you won't feel guilty about buying something that you might wear for 2 months because your body's changing.

Second thing: buy a pair of cargo pants. Unfortunately, the fabulous pair I found at The Gap last summer aren't there anymore (Murphy's out to get us), but there's a decent pair at Target - choice of colors. I love my Army green version - goes with everything - but you might want to cheer yourself with a fun tangerine pair. Or if you're up for it, try online at one of the outdoor stores - you'll get a really functional pair - lots of pockets for binkies, bottles, and your cell phone.

#3: I'm not a huge personal fan of capris, though they're cool and functional. But that's just me. As an alternative, I'd steer towards skirts. They're breezy, can be dressed up or down, and you certainly won't project "I just changed a poopy diaper." A-line, denim, or, if you're feeling flirty, try a ruffly one. Isaac's eyelet skirt looks dressy, but would be cool, and with a simple top, you'l be the chicest mommy on the block. Pair with a super easy t-shirt - my favorite last summer (much to H's chagrin, apparently) was a pretty cap sleeved scoop necked version. Look for details or unique colors like the Mossimo "grenadine" one here (and at $8.99, hello!) or the Go International pleated tank (pleats are ever so flattering) to make them non-boring.
These won't work? Give me more, and I'll keep looking!

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Ashley said...

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Brandhabit.com is also enough site that I love looking at. With the site I can find particular items that I've seen online in local stores near me.