20 April 2008

Style Dilemma Solved: Score! a Sexy Top

Carebear wrote in last week, looking for a top solution for what I thought was a rehearsal dinner. Well, I got it wrong - she was looking for the bachelorette party, but she did want multiple-event duty for the shirt. She hit the stores, and oila!, here's her results...

I went with the black faux wrap top from NY&Co. The fabulous DC Celine managed to find the perfect top - price and look! Because of the weather, I'm not sure if I'm going to pair it with jeans or black capris. Shoes are still up in the air but I'd love to add a burst of color. Thank you!!

You're welcome, Carebear...now, you just have to let us know what splash of color you go with - and what compliments you get on the top!

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