03 May 2008

Happy Birthday, DC Scout

A year of tips, tricks, and scoops - where to go, where to buy, and how to wear it. DC Scout, the Post's style newsletter is a year old. The Posties celebrated in style and were nice enough to invite the Capitol Fashionista Bloggers along. We bloggers - Barbara of Babsie D, Betsy (aka Ms. Spinach) of Fashion is Spinach, Maria of Righteous (re)Style , and Rachel of Project Beltway - closed down the place (they literally had to kick us out).

I have to admit, I barely scoped out the store - I arrived late (Murphy's law, The Bean wouldn't go to sleep so Mommy couldn't leave - she's normally asleep by 6:30, but nooooooo, not that night), tired, and just glad to converse with the folks I knew. Bad Blogger.

So for an actual account of the event, check out the PB, Fashion is Spinach, or Righteous (re)Style versions.

What I will tell you is to be sure to stop by Tackle Box, Gtown's newest seafood joint. Just the right amount of rustic, grilled or fried fish or seafood (all sustainably fished), and loads of Southern sides (mmmm...hush puppies) for a reasonable price.

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