14 May 2008

Life Restyled

Sometimes life throws things at us and we have to adjust. And when those things set you back, or flip your world on it's head, it might seem silly, trite, or trivial, but feeling like you look good and projecting that feeling become important.

As most of the Infintessimal Readership knows, I went through a lot of that when preggers with The Bean, then afterwards. Pregnancy's a wierd and wonderful thing where you're supposed to feel beautiful and glowing, but then there are all these hormones and your clothes don't fit, but M clothes are too big...and you feel like a big lump.

prettyinpink's been feeling just that way.

We won't go into the fact that my BabySis is pregnant, we're just going to focus on the style here, but yes, it's wierd to have your sister, whose birth you remember vividly (Chris, my 2nd grade gymnastics teacher, telling me, "Your grandparents are going to come pick you up today because your mom went to the hospital to have the baby."), be pregnant.

Enough on that.

prettyinpink is trying to find her zen place, style-wise. In between, not "out" at work yet, and dealing with growing boobs and a baby bump. She was frustrated because her failsafe Banana, J. Crew, BCBG reliables weren't working. So she took the plunge, much like I did the other day, and hit ATL, The Limited (why is it I still get flashbacks to the Firenze sweaters I never owned?), and Macy's. She ended up with a couple of pieces that will serve her well and stylishly through most of her 10 (yes 10) months, and most likely again after her peanut arrives in November.

And now she feels much better.


Hyperchondriac said...

can you help me? I've been a student for almost 18 years. my uniform normally consists of jeans...and ever so occassionally nice dress pants. well, i need to start going for interviews soon. I've been told that pinstripes are out for a gal my age (i'm 27 1/2) because its too school-girl like? so i got this suit from calvin klein at filene's basement. the jacket is collarless and round, and the skirt is gorgeous. the problem i have now is that i don't know what to put underneath the jacket! any ideas? (the suit is solid black) and i'm not sure if they are part of the same thing, i just kinda figured, same color, same designer and the skirt! its fun but professional at teh same time!!!

MotorCityGirl said...

babysis is having a baby? Congrats to her from the Motor City!