16 May 2008

Out on the Town?

So H and I are going out tonight.

BIIIIG night out.

Well, not really, but we are going on a date - dinner at one of our favorite DC places - Palena (provided we can get a reservation, because we just had this brilliant idea yesterday). Grandma's going to "babysit," which really means be there because hopefully The Bean will go to sleep easily and early (she's quite the early to bed, early to rise gal - down by 6:30pm, up by 5:30 am - or earlier, like this morning, at 4:30, and no, to all you advice givers out there, she won't sleep later if we put her to bed later - she just misses out on sleep because she gets up at the same time no matter what).



Have no idea what to wear. Want to walk, but the weather might preclude that. If walking, must have walkable shoes. If not, well, then that changes things. I have no slacks that fit me appropriate for a date dinner, rather than an office dinner (I could try and hit the Clarendon shops at lunch, but actually have work to do, so crap). Dresses/skirts are a possibility, but again, having the sizing issue.

Most likely will throw on my Iisli sweater dress, since, while it's May, and a sweater dress is very nearly inappropriate and season-dated, it'll be cool enough to get away with it.

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