09 June 2008


Disappointment reigned (and rained, for that matter) over a Big Saturday Night Shopping Expedition. I've been obsessed with taking The Bean to the pool for the first time, but needed to get a UV-protectant wetsuit-like thingy for her (she's fair like her mommy). One buys those things at Big Box Stores like babies r us. Which are in suburban shopping malls.

BlueSuitGirl agreed to tag along (H was on Bean Duty), and suggested we try Kohl's to find some Cheap Summer Dresses. Perfect. We have two beach trips coming up, and a $20 dress is just what I needed. The funniest part? When her neighbor wished us a good time at babies r us. I think he was really befuddled that a hip thing like BlueSuitGirl would spend her Saturday night in a baby store. She's a good friend.

First, babies r us didn't have the darned wetsuit thingy. Sold out, I guess. Miserable selection of bathing suits, for that matter, but some adorable clothes. The Bean needs NO clothes. She has more than I do.

So we hop in the car and drive to the next part of the shopping center...to Kohls'. Now, I have friends who swear by Kohl's, and Vera's now designing for them, and Daisy has her line there, so I was hopeful.

Wow, was I wrong.

1) Vera's Simply Vera line? Boring, old, frumpy. Drab colors, shapeless, and fabrics not worth the paper the money's printed on. What was clearly supposed to be simple, elegant, and understated? Stated NOTH-ing.

2) Daisy's line - better colors and styles, but each time we pulled something off the rack, it would just go south. There's always just one detail too many. Great block color tops? Marred by oversized paste "jewels" or patterns that just shouldn't be. Can't remember if that's stolen from some past runway, but it shouldn't be.

3) Anything else? If it was cute, it was just too much money for what it was. Adorable, great colored Ts? If I'm shopping at Kohl's, I sure as heck don't want to spend $26 on a T-shirt. $12? Maybe. $26? No way.

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