03 June 2008


Since you asked, I did manage to shave this morning, but just couldn't bring myself to wear the wrap dress. Don't know why. So instead, am wearing my retro AT navy suit skirt and a buff cable cashmere T, Chie Mihara pumps. Something dreadful is going on with my hair, so I've resorted to the DC Ponytail.

Not stunning, but perfectly presentable.

The Bean, however, is the picture of summer loveliness in her "new" Baby Lily. Magenta & orange on white, paired with magenta bloomers, it's the perfect thing to go with her Baby Lizard suncreen. (Grandmom picked up the shift at a PA consignment shop - go Grandmom! - so the pattern is probably a few seasons old - can't find it on the site, but this is the dress, at right.)
At least one of us looks good.

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Hyperchondriac said...

wait...is there a difference between the DC ponytail and the Chicago ponytail? Does each city have their own ponytails?