02 June 2008


...at least for a little while.

One deadline down, 34 to go.

But in the meantime, a gal's got to dress herself. Or at least attempt to, which is what I think I'm doing. I haven't successfully dressed myself, really, since I wore my ATL outfit. Shoes are a big factor - or rather, my lack of a basic shoe (no matter how much I say I'll wear my new shoes, and I do, sometimes I just need comfort comfort comfort, and out come the smelly flats) - in the non-style. As is my absolute inability to pair patterns and colors successfully on three hours of sleep. Today, all I could manage was blue on blue, and even that was really really iffy.

Presentable, but much more likely to end up on someone's "Don'ts" page than not.

I may attempt to shave my legs tonight when I shower - Big Deal. Not sure handling a razor on said sleep deprivation is a good idea, though. If I get through that, I think I'll pull out the wrap dress tomorrow. One piece is hard to screw up.

We'll see if I get that right.

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