15 July 2008

Style Dilemma: One Week, One Car, and One One-Year-Old

Yes, yes, this is another one of my own style dilemmas...but I figure someone else must have the same issues I do, so...

Must pack. Someday. Leaving in 2 days for the beach. Won't have time to pack until tomorrow night, probably. And have to do it with baby and baby gear in tow. So compact packing is key. The good thing? It's the beach. Beach requires little real clothing. It's the Outer Banks, so there's absolutely no need to dress for anything. If I bother to throw in a nice skirt, it'll be a Big Deal. And there's a washer and dryer, so if I underpack, no problem, just toss it in, and reuse.

How to pack quickly and not forget anything? Make a list, probably...so here goes...

Very Important Must Not Forget
Non-flip-flop shoes
Bikini (wanted to get out and buy another one, but don't think I can even fit in a quick trip to Target before we leave)
Beach dress/coverup
Wear around the house yoga pants and tank
Razor & new blade

Could Really Live Without It If I Had To, So Maybe Shouldn't Bother
Light Ts
Shorts (the single pair I own that are really too big for me)
Cargo pants (also really too big, but they're cool and have loooooots of pockets)
Jeans (because)
Beach towels (the benefits of traveling with mommy, as she brings these things)

The bigger list(s) will be for The Bean & her paraphanalia. But we'll deal.


MotorCityGirl said...

From one fair maiden (matron?) to another - add a hat to your list. A nice big floppy one, if you have it.

DC Celine said...

Right. Definitely needs to go on List #1. Have a great big floppy hat - Target special.

prettyinpink said...

as for the new bikini dilemma...i sear by jcrew separates. they fit great and they're perfect for those of us that don't have perfectly proportioned top and bottom. Plus the colors are vibrant, their online swimfinder is great and you can return to a store. a few of my go-to favs are: tops: solid wide band halter and solid wide band string tie halter. bottoms: solid hipster bikini and solid boy leg hipster bikini.
happy beaching!

Ketura said...

I'm glad I stumbled across your blog! Well-written and really witty. Thanks!