14 July 2008


This is why I didn't own a single piece of white clothing until well after college. (I rebelled, finally, against my mommy's white ban by buying a beautiful white linen suit. When you're gonna rebel, rebel all the way.*)

1) Fab white T worn on Saturday. The Bean grabs my stepdad's Coke. Alllllllll down the front of me. Coke stains - did you know that? Oxyclean, Shout, Vinegar...nothing's taking it out.

2) Other new skirt on today - the orange circle one - coffee at my desk. SplAAAASH! Think that's going to come out, but really. Did we have to get all my new clothes?

*Yes, I realize this doesn't in the least constitute actual rebellion. But this is me we're talking about here...the "Good Girl."

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browneyz99 said...

Here is a stain remover "recipe" I have used for those seemingly "impossible to remove" stains. I originally found it as a carpet stain remover for animal stains but I have used it for both carpet and clothes - especially those white tee shirts that seem to get little stains here and there.

Mix One tablespoon of ammonia and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the stain. Place white paper towels on top of the stain and weigh down (I usually use a heavy pot or my big dictionary) and wait a few hours (overnight usually). Sometimes it takes a couple rounds of this but the stain usually goes away. Oh yeah the mixture is only good for a short time after mixing (ie you cant mix a bunch and store it)

Good luck!