11 July 2008

Style Dilemma Solved: One Cool, Hip Mommy

I promise there won't be much more gushing and adorableness - just through this weekend - The Bean's party is tomorrow.

Had the Big Shopping Trip last night, The Bean's non-English-speaking Greek-Romanian godmother in tow (I speak enough Romanian to describe most things, if awkwardly, so we get by).

First order of business was supposed to be some perfume for her daughter. The store is no more.

Second order of business: an outfit for Mommy. AT was right at the entrance, so we popped in for some speed shopping. 4 skirts and 2 jackets (not for tomorrow, just random cute jackets) off the sale rack later, I emerged with 2 skirts and a T. Thanks to Ms. Spinach for the push towards the orange circles. Not sure which one I'll wear yet - both are slimming (much more so than in the pics, believe me), nor do I know which shoes (have 3 pairs packed), but I promise pics.

Third, completely unintentional but the store was right there order of business: a new dress for The Bean. We stumbled across a lovely little store with handmade, classic children's clothing - smocking, sailor suits, bloomers, and bonnets. Walked out with a white eyelet dress. Then we went to Lord & Taylor in search of bloomers to go with the dress (the store didn't have any in The Bean's size). No bloomers at L&T, but we did find ladybugs. Change of outfit for The Bean. This is her birthday dress.


prettyinpink said...

and it's a perfect birthday dress! i'm sure she will love pulling on the bows and trying to eat them!

Anonymous said...

Wow Miss Dc, that's a lot of shopping!

The skirts you picked look outstanding, it's amazing how Annie T can the best deals. We are betting that you look great in those skirts whenever you wear them. And The Bean's dress is darling. Absolutely precious.

We hope the party is wonderful and everyone enjoys the festivities, especially you!