08 August 2008

Style Dilemma: Parts No Longer Available

D wrote me for some help...he emailed the Graham & Spencer info folks the note below, but hasn't yet received a response. He's hoping for some ideas of how to replace the top.


I have a quick question for you. My wife and I got married a few weeks back and before out honeymoon she bought one of you shirts from a boutique in DC. She absolutely loved the shirt and wore it non-stop on our honeymoon. After the wedding we moved to San Diego for a new job and to get back to CA. While staying temporarily with my parents (which can be trying on a new marriage), their dog tore her favorite shirt to shreds. Trying to be the good husband, and not ruin the relationship between my new wife and her new in-laws, I have searched high and low for a replacement but have come up short. It appears that this was an older line of clothing that may no longer be available. I have attached a picture of my wife in the shirt in hopes that there is way to find out what the style is and where I might be able to find another. If that's not possible, is there something similar in your current line?

If you could help this poor new husband out you would be doing me a huge favor and keep a happy customer even happier

D, you get major major points for tracking this down, in-law issue or no. Good husband.

Now, on to the search. I'm hoping the Graham & Spencer folks see this - in addition to your email - and help out. In the meantime, I've done a little internet searching of my own. Here's a couple of suggestions:

1) At iloveshop.com, a similar G&S tunic. It doesn't have the neckline detail of your wife's, but maybe it'll serve her purpose.

2) At net-a-porter.com, this Graham & Spencer dress has the twisted neckline - and may be short enough to wear as a tunic.

3) Barney's New York carries this pretty silk top. Can't tell if your wife's is jersey (my assumption) or silk, so this one might be (even more) perishable than the eaten one, but the flower detail is sweet.

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