07 August 2008

Am I? I think so...

I think I might be back.

Thank you for your patience, and apologies in advance if I slide back into a sleep-deprivation-induced style slump. It's bound to happen again.

H and I are going out on a Date tonight. Yup, capital "D." He has a childhood friend who is the chef de cuisine at Nage downtown, and since I've only ever met him once before (on the sidewalk when he was in town with another friend for a wedding), I've pretty much begged H to take me to dinner there. Can't wait 1) for dinner, 2) to honestly meet Our Friend the Chef, and 3) for a few hours of real time with H.

Oh, yeah, and 4) to Wear My New Dress.

I have absolutely nothing in my closet suitable or that I'd want to wear on a dinner date. Everything is either "work appropriate" or I've worn it 300 times already. I love my blue & white scarf top & linen skirt ensemble, for example, but I wear it to everything since I first donned it for our wedding rehearsal - 2 years ago.

So Tuesday I cornered H and said, "You want to watch me try on dresses at lunch?" I've become quite the speed shopper, and, well, he loves to see me try things on. Probably the only husband in the world like that, but he does. Very helpful, actually.

So...the Clarendon shopping trip...(let's just say I miss All About Jane)

Free People - Bust. 20-somethings who will grow up to wear Chico's next door. A few cute tops, but I wanted a dress.

ATL - Despite recent successes, Work Appropriate.

South Moon Under - proverbial jackpot. Results below. And yes, I'm making you wait til the end to get the winner.

Molly New York Clarissa - fun print, but oh, so did not work over the Boobs.

Frenzii Sleeveless Jumper - I didn't actually try this one on, but it's the closest thing on the website I could find to one of the finalists - the scooped neck, exposed shoulder is gorgeous on me - and would be on many people. The dress I tried on had the collar in a 60s-esque large loop crochet. The swingy fullness was infinitely flattering, and not at all "are you pregnant" question inducing. Got HUGE thumbs up from H.

Ali Ro Dolman Print Dress with Belt - one I wish I'd tried on, but didn't. Not in my size. SMU had a load of short dresses with not-so-exposed tops - one of the sexiest things you can do, in my book.

Alice & Trixie Silk Print Maxi - My print bias is showing, I know, but here's another one I didn't try on - H wasn't all that excited about the maxi dress thing (what can I say, he's a Leg Man...no, wait, a...oh, forget it, he just appreciates Women). These all remind me of dresses I really need to check with my mom about - she had some great ones I used to play dress up in...

The Winner

Ali Ro Retro Pinted Shift Dress

Heavenly combination of sexy elegance and a sense of humor. I put it on and knew - more so than when searching for that elusive wedding dress. Skirt hits my thighs in just the most flattering place, the vertical print elongates, and the neon pink and orange in the retro print puts a little "I love the 80s" humor in it for me. Love the bracelet-length sleeves, too, though I probably won't bother with any jewelry. Dress doesn't need it.

I've been on the prowl - ok, prowled down the street yesterday to ShoeFly - for a shoe. First choice - black patent stiletto (thanks for the style confirmation to the lovely hip blonde - MUST find her name - working yesterday). Simple, classy, and the dress just screams for patent. For daytime, I'd do a patent flat, but we're going to Dinner. If I can't snag a pair, I'll make do with a classic Ellen Tracy black satin sandal I have - they'll work, but looses some of the wow! factor, I think.

And I have to remember to dig through the purse collection, particularly to see if I have one from Mom-Mom that'll work.

I'll see if we can take a pic or two at the restaurant or ask some nice random person on the street to snap a mobile shot...

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