05 August 2008

Climbing out of the funk...

slowly, but surely.

Step #1: Wash and blowdry hair. Can't even tell you how much of a difference it makes being able to wear it down if I like.

Step #2: Shave legs. I'm fair, so can get away with much more than the average bear, but there is a limit. Shaved legs = skirts are an option.

Step #3: Pick up drycleaning.

Step #4: Pray The Bean gets up at 5am, not 4:30am. That half hour makes all the difference in her mood, which makes it oh, so much easier for me to get ready in the morning.

Step #5: Pick out decent clothes.

Today, I'm the opposite, though not horribly edgy or high-end style, of my Hot Mess Day. It's gradually been getting better. I feel better, and therefore am sure I look better. It was amusing getting dressed today.

My first choice was one of my new skirts with my new white T, which now has made it through the Coke stain only to have picked up some random pink splotch in the wash. Weekend shirt, here I come. And yes, that would be the only shirt I own that really goes with the two skirts (the one other option I wore yesterday).

Second option? Brown silk/merino shell with said new skirt. Ummmm...not sure whether that's banana or yogurt, but either way, it doesn't belong on there. Drycleaning bag.

Final choice - works! Grey pinstripe pencil skirt and pink/grey striped button down. It's actually a great French cuffed shirt I scored for practially nothing at Filene's oh, say, 100 years ago, but the buttons on the cuffs broke at some point, and I haven't sewn them back yet. So we go casual rolled up sleeves, and oila! Throw on the new(er) black peep toes, my single black belt, and done.

We just will ignore the teensy yogurt spots on the skirt.

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